Thursday, 31 October 2019

Marshmallow Scare!

On the middle of the night  there was a boy roasting marshmallow then an ugly monster appeared right by him! The boy was very frightened but suddenly the ugly monster was playing nice so he could eat all of the marshmallows by himself.

I think that monster loved the marshmallows. Then the monster got angry because the boy didn’t have any more  then the boy got a pillow and the boy was pretending that the pillow was the marshmallow. He ran away and screamed are then the ugly monster went with the boy and sat down and then the pillow burnt after that the ugly monster was so, so sad.

Friday, 18 October 2019



I think this book is cool.

My Recount in the first day of school.

On  a cold morning  every one was lining up for Assembly We were sitting in the hall to watch the funny show in that show was Mr Burt and mr Jacobson and ms telta  was in it to The year One performance was cinderella and her ugly sister Cinderella Justin told Cinderella do all the cleaning and all sister were fighting who was going to marry the price then the fairy god mother came and first do you turn them in to frog next it was year twos turn And ms gasten and miss catae Well wearing masks miss well wearing masks miss Moran and ms telso Were superhero then  year 3 parcormme After that it was year 4s turn soon it was year 5s Turn later we Sang a song suddenly we lined up so we could go back to class I felt Super super happy . Because I like doing hips of dancing.